This Ubersuggest 7.0 review contains everything you need to know about the new tool upgrade released by Neil Patel and we are in no affiliation or whatsoever to this. We are only giving out our thoughts and reviews of the tool and everyone reading this is entitled to think otherwise of anything they feel about Ubersuggest 7.0 review in the comment section.

Neil Patel is definitely not relenting on anything and can’t stop giving out to online marketers. In 2018, he rolled out Ubersuggest 2.0 which was said to be way better than the initial Ubersuggest but now,he has given us what seems to be the best free keyword research tool on the planet.

SEMRush and Ahrefs are all fantastic tools but they are paid, and startup brands may not be able to afford the monthly plans. But luckily for you, there is Ubersuggest there just for you to do keyword research the right way in 2020.  

According to a post he released on his blog yesterday, Neil said:

Believe it or not, I’ve been working on Ubersuggest for almost 3 years now.

I bought it on February 13, 2017, for $120,000 dollars as a test to see if I could get more traffic from a tool than traditional content marketing or SEO.

Since then the tool has come a long way, in which I’ve added tons of features that competitors charge $100 a month or even more for.

But I’ve finally got Ubersuggest to a point where I can start releasing features that my competition don’t even have.

So before, you head on over to Ubersuggest to work on your SEO, make sure you read everything below because I’ve just changed up how you are going do keyword research (in a good way).

On top of that, I’ve also released a few other features as well related to link data and traffic estimations.

Does this mean he has finally, gotten the right tool he wants? HECK NO!!!

Even facebook, instagram, Whatsapp and twitter still undergo periodic updates.

There are still some things we feel needs to be added to the Ubersuggest tool and we will talk about them in this wonderful review, but these tools added on here are amazing.

So what is new about Ubersuggest 7.0?

Extra Backlink data

Google might choose not to tell you this, but backlinks are very important for ranking – and toxic backlinks kill a site’s SEO. Which do you want to do? Rank well, or kill your site? This is why you need to learn as much as you can about backlinks.

Sometime, in 2018, I started a tech blog techpanda.com.ng where I posted about 50 articles on it and later stopped. After some times, I noticed that the post I had written were not ranking the way I wanted them to and they had very low competition.

I was supposed to be ranking in the first or second result, but no, I was at the forth page. Not the fourth result, but the fourth page. As per newbie in tech blogging, I went ahead and made research on how to rank a website on Google front page.

All I wanted to do was rank my old posts and not the new posts, I had written. Guess what I did? I built links. Not just anyhow links, but quality links from previously existing posts and even the posts I would publish in future. I made sure I was just linking to my pillar content (I mean the contents that had crazy stats and would eventually drive a whole lot of traffic to my site).

Sometimes, I even wrote posts, not for the purpose of ranking, but to pass link juice to my pillar content and it worked like magic. Fast forwards few weeks later, all my pillar content were in front page and I was finally able to reach my 1k daily search vist goal – I sold off the blog early in 2019.

Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest 7.0 gives you a better insight on the sites which you are getting links from. It also gives you an insight of where your competitors get their links from.

If your competitors can get links from a particular site, then there is every opportunity for you to get links from that site to. You can perform the email outreach or check their page for any “Guest posting” opportunity.

This Ubersuggest 7.0 will also show you if your site is growing on backlinks or regressing, then you know what to fix. You can see a daily new and lost link count for any site you input in the tool.

You might not understand the link chat you will see on the Ubersuggest 7.0 but when you take your time, you will get a hand of it.

Secondly, this upgrade is faster. You can now get data from sites across the world in a shorter period of time. 

Extra Keyword data

This upgrade comes with more keywords data. The previous ubersuggests will show you CPC data, SEO difficulty, and even search volume.

You can find keywords with high search volume, high CPC and low difficulty but it does not mean it is easy to rank.

Why does that happen:

CPC for mobile may not worth much: Some keyword get a lot of mobile searches but that does not mean they will earn you the most money.

Their Conversion rates may be very low. This does not mean that you should not focus on mobile traffic. Set you site to be responsive on mobile devices too, but it means that keyword won’t be as valuable as you thought.

The New ubersuggest tool has been able to curb this problem since you can now check for mobile searches and desktop searches of a particular keyword.

High Search Volumes Does Not Mean Big Money (every time): Some keywords get a thousands of monthly searches but they may not get you much conversion like those that have hundreds of monthly searches.

Some keywords may be searched by people within 13 and 21 while others may be searched by adults above 25. There is a huge chance that the former might not have credit card to buy any of your product but the latter might.

The Ubersuggest 7.0 has solved this problem for you by displaying the searchers age range so you know the age of your searchers.

Improved Traffic Estimation

You can now get the traffic statistics of any domain name you add to the Ubersuggest tool. You get the estimated number of monthly searches and the particular keywords that domain is ranking for. This ubersuggest 7.0 review has talked about the three updates to the ubersuggest and they are all amazing, but what do we love and hate about it?


Pros and cons of Ubersuggest


  • Improved traffic analysis

  • Better keyword stat

  • Better Backlink Stat


  • Does not give you data from every country

Is ubersuggest accurate?

Most keyword research tools give you different traffic stats. Ubersuggest is not 100% accurate, but the accuracy level is still pretty much impressive and can perform the job you want.


The Ubersuggest 7.0 is an amazing toolhat offers you all the keyword data you want from top tier countries for free. It is totally worth using. Once again, we are not in anyway affiliated to ubersuggest and this ubersuggest 7.0 review is only based on our observations. If there is anything you want to add, you may drop it in the comment box below