Copywriting in Nigeria is a very important kill for any business. It does not matter the kind of businesses you do. Whether you have a small shoe store, digital agency, jumia seller or even a medium sized business, you need to know how to perform copywriting to get your audience to buy your products. In this post, you will be shown the best ways to perform copywriting like a pro and get more sales on your products. Copywriting works as much wonders as email marketing too

One needs to understand writing sales copy and email messages to grab the attention of your audience. In fact, copywriting in Nigeria has proven to be one of the factors that makes Nigerian businesses sell better than  other businesses.

Big brands spend a whole lot of money hiring copywriters to write sales copies for their businesses because they understand the value that copywritier provides for them.

What about you? A small brand that probably can’t afford a top class copywritier. What do you do?

Let us just say copywriting is one of the key devices in your business toolbox. A very underrated skill in Nigeria with very high quality. A lot of people have been deceived by article writers who claim to be amazing copywriters.

There is a huge difference between writing a blog post and writing an sales copy. In fact, blog writers tend to think copywriting is an extension of their writing skills, meanwhile it is not even close.

I have seen a lot of ad copies by copywriters. Some of them try too hard and some of them just don’t try at all. It is always better to keep the copy as simple as possible.

A good copy does not need extensive font size or colors. You don’t even need to make your letters in CAPS before before you attract the attention of your audience. A well crafted copy will attract your audience from the first three or five words.

There are so many places to learn copywriting in Nigeria. You can take an udemy class, learn from YouTube, visit many blog pages or even study advert copies yourself, but copywriting may be more than just that.

It is your job to motivate your audience to buy, even when they never planned to. Copywriting in Nigeria is more than just creative writing. Copywriting also has to do with psychology and understanding how people works.

You need to know what your audience want and what they don’t want. In order to achieve the perfect copywriting in Nigeria, here are 17 things you can do to motivate your audience buy faster.

1. Prey on your audience emotions

Let me rephrase that; leverage emotions. Almost everybody on earth makes their decisions based on emotions. You are trying to sell something to people, so you have to add a bit of emotion to your sales copy so they can be triggered by it.

Ten proven ways to get rid of pimples” andTen ways to get rid of pimples”. 

The first one has an emotional power word that gives assurance and trust but the second one doesn’t. When people see the first, they feel secured and can easily trust the product since it has proven by somebody.

Examples of some emotional trigger words are:

Sensory power words #1: Visual words

1. Bulky
2. Crooked
3. Drab
4. Gigantic
5. Glittering
6. Gloomy
7. Glow, glowing, to glow
8. Hazy
9. Shadowy
10. To shimmer, shimmering
11. To sparkle, sparkling

Emotional power words #2: Trust

12. Absolutely
13. Admiration, to admire
14. Authoritative, authority
15. Facts, factual
16. Faith, faithful
17. Fool-proof, sure-fire
18. Guaranteed
19. Proven
20. Reliable, reliability
21. Research-backed
22. Saint
23. Scientific, science
24. Trustworthy

Emotional power words #3: Fear

25. Abuse, abusive
26. Anxiety, anxious
27. Banned
28. Burning out
29. Despair
30. Failure, to fail
31. Freaking out
32. Horror
33. Miserable
34. Pussyfoot
35. Sabotage
36. Steal, stolen, plunder
37. Threat

Emotional power words #4: Surprise

38. Awe
39. Jaw-dropping
40. Mind-blowing
41. Mesmerizing
42. Spectacular
43. Remarkable
44. Enchantment, enchanting, to enchant
45. Astonishing
46. Terrific
47. Breath-taking
48. Spellbinding
49. To beguile
50. To bewitch

Emotional power words #5: Sadness

51. Austerity
52. Envy, envious
53. Grief-stricken
54. Heartbroken
55. Hostile
56. Lovesick
57. Resentful
58. Shame
59. Sobbing, to sob
60. Tearful
61. Teary-eyed
62. Troubled, trouble
63. Weepy

Emotional power words #6: Disgust

64. Crap, crappy
65. Icky
66. Junk
67. Lousy
68. Nasty
69. Obscene
70. Outrageous
71. Repellent, to repel, repulsive
72. Ridiculous
73. Scuzzy
74. Shit, shitty
75. Trash, trashy
76. Vulgar

Emotional power words #7: Anger

77. Annoying
78. Bitter
79. Flare up
80. Frenzy, frantic
81. Fury, furious
82. Grumpy
83. Hatred, to hate
84. Hysterics
85. Irritating
86. Panic
87. Rage, raging
88. Tantrum
89. To sulk

Emotional power words #8: Anticipation

90. Charming, to charm
91. Craving, crave
92. Discovery, to discover
93. Enthusiasm, to enthuse
94. Forgotten
95. Inspiration, to inspire
96. Little-known
97. Longing, to long for
98. Lust
99. Mystery, Mysterious
100. Passion, passionate
101. To woo
102. Yearning, to yearn

2. Showcase your product benefits

It is also important to showcase your product benefits in your sales copy or email blasts. Exploit the benefits of using your products to your audience and make them see a reason why they should buy.

You need to make your audience understand the reason why your product is better than your competitor’s without defaming them. One of the biggest ways to be successful in your business is too completely understand the benefits of your products and find a way for people to see that bright side.

3. Avoid using weasel words

What are weasel words? These are words that are used to evade or pull back from taking an action. Avoid using the words can, perhaps and may. Instead use “will”.

4. Find the weakness of your competition

In the second tip above, there is a place I mentioned that you should not defame your competition – this still stands. Rather, exploit their weakness and find a way to make it visible in your products.

When people see these things in your products, they will get attracted even without knowing your competition lacks them. Identifying your competition’s weakness will also give you a better chance in the market even without writing any copy because once people notice them, they can tell other people about your products.

5. Know your audience

Of course, your audience is Nigeria, but which gender, age or behavior are you targeting? If you are selling female bags, you know your audience is young girls between 20 and 30 years. Unless you are selling more matured bags which older women can us too.

This then determines the tone you use in your copy.

Also note the following about your audience for effective marketing, especially when you are running a social media advert:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Family Status
  • Income
  • Occupation
  • Interests

6. Be specific

Specificity also builds trust for a product. Something like “we have sold 317 creams in the last five months” sparks a of trust. Your customers will believe for you to have sold a product almost everyday, it means there is a huge trust people place on your brand, hence, it will trigger them to buy from  you the next time they can afford your product.

7. Be believable

Like seriously, exaggerations will only ruin your business. Don’t exaggerate in anyway but make your business believable. When running a business, one can easily be tempted to start lying about their products, especially when they have not made the amount of sales they expect.

There are many other things to know about copywriting in Nigeria but these are just few of the basics. As time goes on, this post will be updated. Kindly subcribe to our email list and start getting updates into your email box.


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