Wait, before we dive into this post, you can follow this link to learn how to become a social media influencer. Secondly, social media influencing is an amazing marketing hack for any brand and it is very important for your business. This post will reveal why your brand needs a social media influencer.

So many brands are growing each day and many are failing due to bad practices. So how do we compete in a place where most brands fail and only a few succeed – do what the successful ones do and add your tactics.

Of course it is not easy to start and manage a brand with not enough funds in your wallet, so how do you hope to promote your business?

The idea now is to reduce cost and increase efficiency. What are the things that usually take a lot of money in any brand.

  • Internet access
  • Merchandise
  • Adverts
  • Website
  • and other promotional factors (SEO, Social media marketing etc)

Internet Access

The first one is surely a big issue for starters in the business because the cost of internet subscription is breathe taking. Before you even make six figures on your brand, have spent close to N50,000 on only data subscription. This is why we recommend that you use the Trendz Data App on playstore so you can buy data plans at cheaper prices than the original.


As far as we can tell, it seems those brands that manage to catch your attention are the ones that gift their customers with cool bags, face caps, T-shirts, mugs, umbrellas etc.

Not every startup brand can afford that since it usually costs a lot and you should not be asking your customers to pay for merchandise you are supposed to give them for free.

Zeinny craft is a brand that makes shoes for men and women. Apart from the quality service this brand offers, they also love to give out merchandise to some of their best customers. Merchandise such as drawstring bags are some of their strategies and this had been able to help her maintain her name as the “Best female shoemaker in Africa”.


Proper advertisement is the secret to growing any business. Globacom arguably has the best TV adverts in Nigeria, but their network may be the most frustrating thing you will ever face in your life. Even with that, they still manage to get attention of millions of Nigerians who still use this network.

While adverts help small brands to be recognized, it also helps big brands to remain big. Never neglect the power of an excellent advert. All you need is hire an excellent copywriter and do some great content marketing and then watch as your sales increase by a huge margin.

Remember back in 2014 when MTN apparently pulled the biggest controversial advertisement of the decade when they introduced Afeez Oyetoro as their brand ambassador. Can’t remember? Let me jog your memory a little – “I don port ooo”

Social Media Influencing and all the marketing hacks that will boost your brand in 2020

Social Media influencing was widely used in 2019 and it is even going to be more widely used in 2020 so you must not ignore it.

Even already established companies like pepsi, Zenith bank and most of your favorite celebrities use the aid of social media influencers and some use Whatsapp TVs to stay relevant in the industry.

It is with these marketing hacks you will be able to afford an all expense paid trip to one of the most amazing resorts in Nigeria.

So here are some marketing hacks that can help you turn your business around in 2020.

Social Media Influencing

Social Media influencers are everywhere these days and have been getting amazing deals by helping brands to reach more people on social media.

Wait a minute, if I want to reach more people, I can easily just run facebook or google ads and get to the people I want by setting my target audience so why waste so much money paying social media influencers to post my brand on their social media page?

Social Media influencing does not only help you reach more people, but the main aim is to build trust and become a household name.

An average social media influencer charges between N50,000 and N250,000 for a sponsored post.

Some may charge lesser while others may charge more but it depends on the level of influence that particular person has.

Maraji, an instagram comedian revealed in an interview that she charges between N500,000 to N1million for a single sponsored post on her instagram page.

Why does she charge so much? Isn’t that just a waste of your money? NO IT ISN’T.

One rule of business you need to follow is instead of making your services cheap, just increase the value and you will see that no price is too cheap for the right clients.

Social Media influencing will help your brand to breed trust with your audience because social media influencers are already trusted people who can influence the decision of their fans. People like Pamilerin on twiiter and Oluwadollars on instagram seem to do a good work at being social media influencers. Nobody hates them.


Bulk SMS

Of course, this is one key factor you must not ignore in 2020 if you want to become a household name. Bulk sms helps you reach directly into the phones of thousands of Nigerians at the same time.

However, you must have a sweet mouth. By sweet mouth, I mean you must be able to woo them to read your messages just like I wooed you to read this post.

A good message should identify a problem, explain your instincts and provide solution in 160 characters or less.

Is this possible? Very possible. With a broad knowledge in copywriting, you can do this without any glitch.  

Bulk sms is a cheaper alternative to social media ads and provides better value. Below is a chat of comparison between the opening rates of bulk sms, facebook chatbot messages and emails.

bulks sms vs chatbot vs email marketing

You can see that bulk sms has a higher opening rate than chatbots and email put together. Why is this possible? Before you focus on only email marketing, think of these two things:

  1. What if my message got stuck in the spam folder?
  2. How many people open emails from a random person these days?


Once you receive an email from a brand, you immediately know they are trying to advertise a product or service to you. You can easily conclude that it is a bulk email. Sometimes emails might even get stuck in the spam folder or save in the promotion  folder and not a lot of people don’t care to check this folder.

But with Bulk sms, the case is different because you reach directly into the inbox of the person’s phone.

Almost everybody checks for messages immediately they wake up every day from their sleep or after 15 minutes of waking up. This is one of the reasons why bulk sms has been able to get a better result than email marketing except that it costs a bit more than email marketing.


SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is an amazing way of reaching a more targeted audience using search engines. This is by far the best marketing strategy for any online brand. 

SEO gives a better result because it reaches a more targeted audience. Everyone who visits your site through SEO is surely looking for a service you render. 

Unlike paid ads where you can reach so many people hoping they are in need of your service. In SEO, your job is to rank your website on google and when people search for something related to what you do, they will find your page.

Just submit your site to google, hire an SEO expert or a good content writer and let the work be done for you.