As you must have known, trendzmedia is more concerned on people who want to earn online in order to promote their brands.

Now, we have also created a new platform for bloggers, students, social media influencers, WhatsApp Tvs, and everybody who may be broke at this point in time.

We are giving you the opportunity to earn from your home with the Trendzmedia affiliate program.

Here are the things you should expect to learn in this post.

  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • How does the trendzmedia affiliate program work?
  • How much can I make from trendzmedia affiliate program?
  • How do I get paid on the trendzmedia affiliate program?
  • What is minimum payout?
  • How to promote products on trendzmedia affiliate program

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a business model whereby you make money by selling people’s products after accepting an agreement with the person.

You may become affiliate of a company or an individual and start promoting their products. It is that simple and you don’t really need a lot of capital.

Affiliate marketing is an amazing way of making passive income online. Passive income is a source of income where you are not actively involved. You don’t need to work everyday to make a decent income online – which is why we call this passive income.

Affiliate marketing is really interesting. It can help you make  more money online than you can actually imagine and it does not require any capital to start unless you decide that you want to run some paid adverts.

Te first sale you make will push you to continue doing affiliate marketing and the best thing is thta there is no limit to how much you can earn from affiliate marketing.

How does trendzmedia affiliate program work?

Trendzmedia affiliate program is a platform for people to earn money by promoting products from trendzmedia. These products range from eBooks, themes, services and bookings.

When you become a trendzmedia affiliate, you earn commissions for the products or service you promote on your website, social media page or even email list.

The standard commission is 20% but it can change based on the product. We have set our affiliate program to be as easy as possible. You don’t even need a website to start.

How much can I make from the Trendzmedia affiliate program?

You can earn N5000 AS WELL AS N300,000 from the trendzmedia affiliate program. It is better than you think because the more sales you make, the better you earn.

If you put the right strategies in place, you can earn up to six figures just promoting products from trendz. The best thing to do is to promote the high priced products.

Let us do a quick calculation:

If you promote an eBook worth N7000, and earn 20% on each sale, that will give you N1400 on every sale you make.

If you are consistent and can pull in 30 buyers every month, then you will earn N42000 in a month. This is an impressive deal considering the fact that you didn’t use any capital at all to start this business. You just generated your link and started promoting to your friends.

How do I get paid on trendzmedia affiliate program?

You get paid directly to your bank account once you reach the payment threshold.

Payment is usually processed within 24 hours after commission has been confirmed. Payment is made for five working days. Kindly note that total commission earned during on Friday weekends will be paid on the following working day.

Payments are also not made on public holidays.

What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout for this affiliate program is N500.

How can I generate affiliate link?

Every affiliate is given a new referral token. This referral tokn is very important for you to earn your commission.

To generate your referral link, simply follow the steps below:

1. Visit the product page and copy the link

2. Log in your affiliate dashboard via https://trendzmedia.net/affiliate

3. Click on “generate link” and You will find a message like the one below:

Generate Link