How to start data reselling business with the trendz data app

In this blog post, we will learn how to start data reselling business in Nigeria and make money form it. You will learn all the methods, tools and pricing plans to make your data reselling business a very profitable one.

data reselling business

There are over 200 million people in Nigeria and millions of them use data every single day. In fact, we can come into a conclusion that data can be added to one of our basic necessities in life. 

Nigerians are surely tired of buying data at extremely expensive rates. A lot of Nigerians still buy at huge prices and this may seem frustrating to theme especially with the fact that you have to buy 1GB worth of data twice a week.

It is seriously getting out of hand and there are very few solutions to this. One of the best things you can do about this is to become a data reseller. 

Not only do you make money off data reselling, but you can also buy data plans at cheaper prices than usual.

Since there are millions of Nigerians buying data every single day at expensive prices from the real sources, you can as well tap into this awesome business opportunity before it gets overcrowded which might happen anytime soon.

You can perform data subscriptions for your family, friends, church, business partners, and colleagues at your working place.

Data reselling business is one lucrative business that rarely yields a loss. I mean AS RARE AS NOT FINDING A SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER IN UNILAG.

With the advent of social media, data reselling has become an easier business because everyone always wants to be online to perform one task or the other. 

There are many people who have online stores these days. Some are selling fashion related products, some are even selling tech related products. Let us just say everyone is using data to do something at every point in time in Nigeria these days.

You are also able to find this post because you have data. 

You must have noticed that telecommunications has grown to become a very lucrative business in Nigeria. The rate at which people are joining the “Recharge and get paid” program is alarming.

So many people have been able to earn a decent income from data reselling especially University students. The struggle is very real inn this modern age and nobody wants to be left behind.

Even WhatsApp Tvs are also reselling data to maintain their TVs. You can get the Six figures WhatsApp TV guide here.

Trendz Data VS other data resellers

There are certain things you must first consider and put in place before you can start your data reselling business. This will guide in making the best decisions for your business.

1. Risks:

Every business has a risk of failure – even data reselling has risk. The main risk you stand to face is data expiring before you get to sell them, but this risk has been completely taken care of. Sometimes, other data resellers also complain that they cannot browse with certain networks like 9mobile. This does not happen with the trendz data app. Every single transaction you make is applicable for any website you want to surf. 

2. Capital:

This is another edge Trendz data app has over other data platforms. You don’t need any capital to start data reselling using the Trendz data. Yes, you read me right. Even with N0.00 in your account you can sell and start earning N1000 every single day. You are excited, right? Don’t let those goosebumps die down because you can as well make money from Trendz affiliate program with no capital at all. Here is what the owner of Zammysblog had to say about this app:

I just love this app, I came across it on a friend’s phone, it’s simplicity and ease of use is just as described, I immediately headed to playstore and here I am, enjoying the profit I’ve made from reselling the data I bought at cheap price

3. Speed: Selling data to customers is really fast with the trendz data app. You only need to fund your wallet and start selling data with ease. Here is what the CEO of computer world had to say about this app.

Best data APP ever… I purchased 2gb Mtn data. I got credited within 60 seconds… i am in love with this already. very cheap, effective and efficient

SO are you convinced yet? Or you have seen some bad reviews on playstore and you are having doubts. Well, even facebook, instagram, twitter and whatsapp have bad reviews. 

We have worked on those reviews and made sure the app is now convenient for everyone to use. Nobody gets it on the first trial, you know? Even whatsapp gets updated frequently.

What is data reselling?

Data reselling simply implies that you buy data at cheaper prices and then sell at an higher rate for profit. You may buy in bulk or units from the Trendz data app. Most people who resell data sell it at a lower price than the network providers. Yes, you saw that right. You can also sell data at a lower price than they network providers themselves.

For example, MTN 1GB worth N1000 but you can get it for N470 on the trendz data app. LOL! Looks too good to be true right?

How to start a data reselling business in Nigeria using the trendz data app

you don’t need any capital to start data reselling business in Nigeria using the Trendz data app. It is very easy to start and no external knowledge is needed. 

Once you know how to press your smartphone, the rest is a breeze. Follow the steps below to learn how to start data reselling with the trendz data app. 

  1. Install trendz data app from google playstore or by clicking this link www.bit.ly/trendzcheapdata
  2. Register with your username and all your correct details
  3. Login to your account
  4. start selling data

How to sell data to people from Trendz data app?

If you have a customer who wants to buy data from you, you can easily sell data to them by simply getting their details.

1. Send them your price

On the app, MTN 2GB costs N900 but you can sell it at N1000 to your buyers. Create your own pricing list and start sending to people. 

2. Get their details

Let your customers send their details like phone number, network and the plan they want to buy. 

3. Get your money

After they have sent the details, then you ask your buyer to send you the amount. If he wants to buy MTN of 2GB, you can sell it at N1000 and ask your buyer to send N1000 to your account. NOTE: 2GB of MTN costs N1200 from the real network providers. 

4. Make a data purchase

Once you receive the money from the buyer, simply log on to your trendz data app, click on “Purchase data” on the left hand side below. Select the network of the buyer, insert the buyer’s phone number, select the data plan and pay with your ATM card.

You will be deducted N900 on purchase. This means you have made N100 profit from selling data without even having any cash at hand. Isn’t this awesome?

Just keep following the cycle for any buyer that comes your way. NO BANK CHARGES ARE INVOLVED!

If you get 10 buyers daily, you can make up to N30,000 or more in a month from simply reselling data. A business you started with no capital has now gotten you as much as the minimum wage. Meanwhile, some people whose salary is the exact price of the minimum wage still spend more than the minimum wage every month.

How to fund your eWallet

You can also fund your app wallet with money just in case you don’t like to use your ATM card to sell data for reasons best known to you.

There is an option to fund wallet on your app but you cannot fund wallet with ATM just yet since we are still working on that feature. However, we have can manually fund your account for you from our end. 

All you need to do is click on “fund ewallet”, enter the amount you want to fund your eWallet with and select USSD/Bank payment as your payment method. 

Send the exact amount you want to fund your wallet with to the account details you find on the app. Immediately you do that, send a message to us at trendzmediaofficial(@)gmail.com or on whatsapp at +2348154329787.

Send proof of payment to us and your wallet will be funded within an hour.

How much can I fund my Trendz data wallet with?

You can fund your trendz data wallet with a minimum of N3000. There is no maximum price.

What happens if I accidentally input the wrong network for a recipient number?

We have gotten this case a lot. If the buyer needs GLO and you accidentally input an airtel number, your transaction will be reversed.

Can I transfer from my eWallet to another person’s own?

of course, this is one of the best features of the trendz data app. You can as well transfer data from your eWallet to a friends own easily and fast. 

  1. Simply click on transfer to ewallet
  2. enter the recipient’s email or phone number
  3. select ewallet as your payment method
  4. confirm the transfer with your PIN

How long does it take to receive my data?

You will be credited with data instantly! Immediately you receive a debit, you will also receive a data debit. However, there are sometimes where the network might be pretty bad so it may take extra time for the data to deliver. Once you make a purchase and this happens, wait for 10 minutes because network providers usually have some issues with their networs as well.

I got debited but I did not see my data. what should I do?

In the off chance that you have been debited but you were not credited with data, simply send your proof of payment, network, plan, and number to trendzmediaofficial(@)gmail.com or whatsapp +2348154329787. 

Best websites to make animated videos for your online business

Best websites to make animated videos for your online business

It is a well-established fact that video content gets more engagement than text content. In fact, a single video has been known to boost leads and sales generation of businesses than 2000 words of texts. This is why many businesses have been able to leverage the opportunity of using videos as their best content marketing strategy. We will be showing you some of the best websites to make animated videos for your online business.

Online businesses reach a lot of people at an extremely rapid rate so it is better to capture as many audience as you can while trying to reach out to them. You want them to see your brand for the first time and immediately have a good first time impression about it.

Let’s Instagram is your favorite tool for online content marketing. You have more Instagram followers and you would love to reach more people through ads. You must consider the fact that videos get more engagement on Instagram since it is entertaining and self-explanatory.

Let us be honest, when was the last time you spent 2 minutes of your time reading a long Instagram caption? I will say like Never ago, right? This is exactly why you need to perform the best content marketing possible for your video if you want to run an Instagram ad, especially at a high budget.

There are many software dedicated for making animations alone. A quality example is filmora. However, many small business owners cannot afford the strong laptop to install a siftware like filmora or adobe preimier pro. So we are going to show you our Best websites to make animated videos for your online business.


NOTE: Some of these website have free plan and some have premium plans. Of course, the premium plans have better features but the free plan can also do you good since we are trying to cut low on budget.

Best websites to make animated videos

Below are some of the best websites that can help you make an animated video for your product, app or rising agency.

  • Renderforest
  • Biteable
  • Moovly
  • Animaker
  • Animatron
  • Toonator
  • Powtoon
  • GoAnimate
  • FlipAnim
  • MotionDen


#1. Renderforest

This is my personal favorite video making website. Renderforest is very easy to use and gives you vast options to choose from. Renderforest helps in creating promotional content for ads. You can make a logo reveal short video, app promotional content, 3D animation, or you want to come up with a fun 2D realistic video. Renderforest is right website.

#2. Biteable

Biteable is a fast, fun and easy-to-use website to create animated videos. Biteable offers you some of the best features that can help you successfully make a cool video. You can use this webiste with ease if you do not have a powerful computer to insytall a video editing software.

#3. Moovly

Moovly has made things easier for people who cannot get a software for video animation. Moivly is pretty straightforward and has lots of features. You have the opportunity to choose between four different options: small business, large enterprise, education and partners. It has easy operation and one of the best features is the drag and drop feature. Moovly also allows you to share a video directly to youtube.

#4. Animaker

This is a user friendly video animated video maker. This is in fact one of the best in the world. From the beginning of their innovation, animaker has been known to be one of the most promising startup companies in the world and now, it is the fourth Best website to make animated videos for your online business. Animaker once won a startup award and has since then never stopped dishing out cool features for their fans to use.

#5. Animation

The only thing I failed to enjoy about this particular website is the advance features which made it a bit difficult to use. Apart from that, every other thing is on point. Animation continues to be a platform to create the best animated banner online, educate people with explainer videos, perform whiteboard animated style and many more.

#6. Toonator

Cool name, cool platform too. Coolnator is more than just a website to make animated videos. It also features a library of newly animated cartoon clips by users of these website all across the world. You can draw inspiration from some of them.

#7. Powtoon

Powtoon focuses more on making online presentations. The only problem with this is that it does not support 3D animation. Asides from that, powtoon is pretty amazing and easy to use. Some of the top sites in the world also use powtoon for their animated videos.

#8. Vyond

The pricing plan can be a turn off for anyone with a low budget. There are options for you to create whiteboard animation, video marketing and many other explainer videos.

#9. FlipAnim

You can make a transparent animation with flipanim. It is fun and easy to use.

#10. Motion Den

Finally, on our list is motion den. Motion den allows you to  make animation by adding templates, adding text, images and adjusting certain settings