Social Media Influencing and TWO OTHER marketing hacks that will boost your brand in 2020

Wait, before we dive into this post, you can follow this link to learn how to become a social media influencer. Secondly, social media influencing is an amazing marketing hack for any brand and it is very important for your business. This post will reveal why your brand needs a social media influencer.

So many brands are growing each day and many are failing due to bad practices. So how do we compete in a place where most brands fail and only a few succeed – do what the successful ones do and add your tactics.

Of course it is not easy to start and manage a brand with not enough funds in your wallet, so how do you hope to promote your business?

The idea now is to reduce cost and increase efficiency. What are the things that usually take a lot of money in any brand.

  • Internet access
  • Merchandise
  • Adverts
  • Website
  • and other promotional factors (SEO, Social media marketing etc)

Internet Access

The first one is surely a big issue for starters in the business because the cost of internet subscription is breathe taking. Before you even make six figures on your brand, have spent close to N50,000 on only data subscription. This is why we recommend that you use the Trendz Data App on playstore so you can buy data plans at cheaper prices than the original.


As far as we can tell, it seems those brands that manage to catch your attention are the ones that gift their customers with cool bags, face caps, T-shirts, mugs, umbrellas etc.

Not every startup brand can afford that since it usually costs a lot and you should not be asking your customers to pay for merchandise you are supposed to give them for free.

Zeinny craft is a brand that makes shoes for men and women. Apart from the quality service this brand offers, they also love to give out merchandise to some of their best customers. Merchandise such as drawstring bags are some of their strategies and this had been able to help her maintain her name as the “Best female shoemaker in Africa”.


Proper advertisement is the secret to growing any business. Globacom arguably has the best TV adverts in Nigeria, but their network may be the most frustrating thing you will ever face in your life. Even with that, they still manage to get attention of millions of Nigerians who still use this network.

While adverts help small brands to be recognized, it also helps big brands to remain big. Never neglect the power of an excellent advert. All you need is hire an excellent copywriter and do some great content marketing and then watch as your sales increase by a huge margin.

Remember back in 2014 when MTN apparently pulled the biggest controversial advertisement of the decade when they introduced Afeez Oyetoro as their brand ambassador. Can’t remember? Let me jog your memory a little – “I don port ooo”

Social Media Influencing and all the marketing hacks that will boost your brand in 2020

Social Media influencing was widely used in 2019 and it is even going to be more widely used in 2020 so you must not ignore it.

Even already established companies like pepsi, Zenith bank and most of your favorite celebrities use the aid of social media influencers and some use Whatsapp TVs to stay relevant in the industry.

It is with these marketing hacks you will be able to afford an all expense paid trip to one of the most amazing resorts in Nigeria.

So here are some marketing hacks that can help you turn your business around in 2020.

Social Media Influencing

Social Media influencers are everywhere these days and have been getting amazing deals by helping brands to reach more people on social media.

Wait a minute, if I want to reach more people, I can easily just run facebook or google ads and get to the people I want by setting my target audience so why waste so much money paying social media influencers to post my brand on their social media page?

Social Media influencing does not only help you reach more people, but the main aim is to build trust and become a household name.

An average social media influencer charges between N50,000 and N250,000 for a sponsored post.

Some may charge lesser while others may charge more but it depends on the level of influence that particular person has.

Maraji, an instagram comedian revealed in an interview that she charges between N500,000 to N1million for a single sponsored post on her instagram page.

Why does she charge so much? Isn’t that just a waste of your money? NO IT ISN’T.

One rule of business you need to follow is instead of making your services cheap, just increase the value and you will see that no price is too cheap for the right clients.

Social Media influencing will help your brand to breed trust with your audience because social media influencers are already trusted people who can influence the decision of their fans. People like Pamilerin on twiiter and Oluwadollars on instagram seem to do a good work at being social media influencers. Nobody hates them.


Bulk SMS

Of course, this is one key factor you must not ignore in 2020 if you want to become a household name. Bulk sms helps you reach directly into the phones of thousands of Nigerians at the same time.

However, you must have a sweet mouth. By sweet mouth, I mean you must be able to woo them to read your messages just like I wooed you to read this post.

A good message should identify a problem, explain your instincts and provide solution in 160 characters or less.

Is this possible? Very possible. With a broad knowledge in copywriting, you can do this without any glitch.  

Bulk sms is a cheaper alternative to social media ads and provides better value. Below is a chat of comparison between the opening rates of bulk sms, facebook chatbot messages and emails.

bulks sms vs chatbot vs email marketing

You can see that bulk sms has a higher opening rate than chatbots and email put together. Why is this possible? Before you focus on only email marketing, think of these two things:

  1. What if my message got stuck in the spam folder?
  2. How many people open emails from a random person these days?


Once you receive an email from a brand, you immediately know they are trying to advertise a product or service to you. You can easily conclude that it is a bulk email. Sometimes emails might even get stuck in the spam folder or save in the promotion  folder and not a lot of people don’t care to check this folder.

But with Bulk sms, the case is different because you reach directly into the inbox of the person’s phone.

Almost everybody checks for messages immediately they wake up every day from their sleep or after 15 minutes of waking up. This is one of the reasons why bulk sms has been able to get a better result than email marketing except that it costs a bit more than email marketing.


SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is an amazing way of reaching a more targeted audience using search engines. This is by far the best marketing strategy for any online brand. 

SEO gives a better result because it reaches a more targeted audience. Everyone who visits your site through SEO is surely looking for a service you render. 

Unlike paid ads where you can reach so many people hoping they are in need of your service. In SEO, your job is to rank your website on google and when people search for something related to what you do, they will find your page.

Just submit your site to google, hire an SEO expert or a good content writer and let the work be done for you. 


Top 10 best Instagram tools that will help you grow your followers

In June, 2018 Instagram achieved an amazing feat of 1 billion active monthly users worldwide. Ever since then, it has become the go-to app for almost everything. Let us quickly take a look at the best instagram tools that will help you grow your followers. 

You want to read the latest news, you check instagram. Want to watch funny videos, you check instagram. Want to sell a product, you use instagram.

It has taken the place of facebook in many college students’ hearts. That amazing feeling when you get your first 100 likes on your video or photo, the process of following your favorite celebrity and keeping tab on what they do daily has made instagram a top-notch social network.

The best thing about instagram is that it has become the hub for marketers, influencers and small brandsn to turn themsleves into a globally recognized brand. Instagram has turned small startups into huge brands and has taken some individuals to places they never thought it would.

This does not come cheap. In the midst of such huge amount of recognition is a lot of hardwork and some credible amount of instagram followers.

While others are working hard to get lot of Instagram followers, many other people are working smart. Basically, the best way to get huge followers on instagram is through the us of hashtags and a very frequent posting streak.

We have come across some cool interesting tools that will make instagram marketing better for you and your brand:

#1. Buffer

You must have heard about buffer app. Buffer app simple makes it possible to schedule your instagram posts. With this app,you can make an instagram post in the morning and have it post whenever you want later in the day or on another day.

Buffer is an awesome, easy-to-use app. There is literally no need for extra knowledge before you can use this app. You can post as many content as possible and set your desired time using the buffer app.

#2. Social Gone viral

This is another widely popular tool to get more instagram followers, likes, comment and sponsorship. This tool makes use of targeted marketing algorithms to achieve the desired result.

If you are looking for organic followers on your instagram page, then this is the right tool for you. In fact, social gone viral has become one of the leading organic growth platform in the world right now.

#3. Rocket Social

How many times have you posted some of your best photos but very few people liked or commentated on it? In fact, you can’t even get 50 decent likes on your instagram photos. Well, rocket social is here to bring a stop to that by increasing user engagement on your instagram messages.

You should know that these type of tools are not 100% safe unless you know how to handle them properly without leaving any damage to your instagram account.

#4. Magic Social

Magic social is another awesome tool that works like magic. This tool allows you to track the activities of another instagram account. You can emulate what your competition dies with the aid of magic social. You can use this tool to perform benchmarking, side-by-side comparisons and engagement metrics. If you want to grab the audience of your competition, then magic social will help you achieve that.

#5. Unfold

Unfold is becoming more popular as the day passes. This has to deal with instagram stories. Unfold helps you to leverage the power of instagram statuses. Unfold allows you create beautiful and creative videos. It can also allow you to save your instagram stories, If you are looking for a way to make your instagram stories look more professional, use unfold.

#6. Iconosquare

This tool allows you get real in-depth details on followers, engagement, hashtag analysis and other social media metrics. Iconosquare was created to help users understand how to get more engagement and perform better data analytics of their instagram accounts.

#7. Magisto

Magisto is a video creation platform that uses AI to produce top notch videos. Visual content are very essential on instagram and magisto is one of the best tools to get the perfect video for your instagram account. Magisto makes use of your content to create one hell of a video for you.

#8. Combing

This is another instagram tool that helps to get organic audience. This is a very efficient tool and has been able to transform small pages into fan pages. Combing is one of the widely used instagram tools in the world today.

This tool makes it easy to perform many actions on your page with just a single action. It makes everyrthing you do easier and faster.

#9. Later

Later has a free plan that covers about 30 posts per month, thereby making work easier for you on your page. There is a cool addition called Linkin.bio that makes it easy to shop your feed on instagram. This is a landing page that looks a lot like your instagram feed.

This tool is particularly useful for those who are selling via instagram. You can have all your products displayed on the landing page and makes your posts clickable images.

#10. Linktree

Linktree is available for bloggers, marketers or anybody that frequently updates their instagram page with content. Instagram gives you one link in bio to house all the content you are currently driving your followers to.

This linktree tool helps to manage that link. It will send your followers to multiple destination and manage how your page works while also showing them your most recent posts.

The Trendzmedia guide to Instagram Marketing for make up artists in Nigeria

The Trendzmedia guide to Instagram Marketing for make up artists in Nigeria

So you have noticed the alarming rate of unemployment and you have to decided to start makeup business in Nigeria. This is Nigeria, where your certificate is just a proof that you’re educated. In this country, not everyone can become entrepreneurs and not everyone can also have white collar jobs. Many youths have started finding a means to keep their pockets full all the time. It is not an easy task and some have gone into the “yahoo yahoo” business while others are doing some legal businesses.

Make up artists earn some fairly good amount of money as a side hustle. Some other full-time artists earn as much as six-figures monthly. It all boils down to how well you plan and implement your strategies. As a make up artist, you can also grow your online presence and become a social media influencer also.

Instagram and youtube are both great platforms to boost your business. You can take stunning pictures of your

So I’ve been inspired to write this post for those ladies or interested guys that want to start one of the fastest growing businesses in the country today; make-up.

Now, let me take you into the main things we’ll be learning in this post:

  • How lucrative is makeup business in Nigeria?
  • Requirements to start makeup business in Nigeria
  • How to promote your business in Nigeria
  • How lucrative is makeup business in Nigeria?
  • Makeup business is not as easy as it sounds but it is definitely not rocket science.
  • Personally, I like to believe that all businesses are lucrative. But just how lucrative is makeup business?


Do you know how much those rich folks pay for makeup when they want to get married? A lot!

A makeup artist may earn as much as a social media influencer will earn up to 200k per person. The business is very lucrative and not very stressful but like all other businesses, one must work hard.


Makeup business can also skyrocket one to a whole new level. If you are very good in special effects makeup, you are likely to be working for nollywood or Hollywood in the next few gears if you do the right thing by marketing yourself well.

Requirements to start makeup business in Nigeria

The requirements to start a makeup business is not that much. With little capital and the right tools, you are good to go. Don’t forget you must also have the appropriate tone makeup for every client you are about to make over.


Using the wrong tone might make them end up looking more or less like masquerades and that will be a bad portfolio for you.

Below are the requirements to start a make up business in Nigeria:


  1. Knowledge/skill: This is very important for any business you ever want to start. If you don’t have the right knowledge or the right skills for the job, you might just end up failing before you even start. A sound knowledge about your business is as important as you can ever imagine. Luckily, there are many places where people can acquire this makeup skills all around Lagos. Contact one of them and enroll for a class. However, if you are already an expert but want to start a business out of it, then you may ignore the first requirement and follow the rest.


  1. Makeup kit: This is very obvious. The makeup kit is where all your makeup tools are kept. It is usually a small box or bag that contains different brushes, eyeliners, foundation, lipstick and many others. Without your makeup kit, you are yet to even start the business. A makeup artiste without her kit is just like a farmer without his farm (not his hoe), his farm. Your kit is what you will use and it is very important it is kept well. Most of those makeup kits are chemicals which can be harmful or easily spoilt if any unwanted thing happen to them.


  1. A good camera: It doesn’t matter if it is an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, tecno canon CX or a real canon camera, once you can take neat photos use it. The purpose of this is to snap your previous works and put it on display for clients to rush you. On Instagram, there are many slay mamas looking for good makeup artistes. If you are lucky and your picture gets seen and liked, there’s a possibility you’re going to earn a lot from that person.


Let’s talk about the third subheading of the post which is clearly the most important.

How to promote your business

  1. Social media: Of course, this is the cheapest and easiest way to promote any business. Social media is populated with people of different cultures and likes. You can find people related to your niche, join groups and create a page in the name of your business. This can help your business in the long run and also take it abroad.
  2. Adverts: Facebook ads is till the cheapest advert you can pay for. If you have a Facebook page, you can add photos of make-ups you did previously and boost them to reach many thousands of people. A Facebook advert could cost as low as N200 and you can also get more Instagram reach too.
  3. Fashion blogging: Fashion blogging is also a very creative and efficient way to boost your business. A fashion blog can talk about only makeup or clothes. If you can write and entice people with your posts, then a fashion blog will be good for you.

How to leverage Instagram Marketing as a makeup artist

Instagram is the biggest platform for displaying pictures. Everyone uses instagram these days, even when their brand should not be dealing with pictures. Why? There are three reasons:

  • Popularity
  • Hashtags
  • Quality

#1. Popularity

Instagram is currently used by over 1 billion people all over the world. Many celebrities have been made with the help of instagram. In fact, many of our local celebrities can attribute a huge part of their success to instagram. The likes of Lasisi, Oluwadollars, crazeclown and many others have been able to grow their brand and become huge social media inlfuencers.

The credibility this platform gives is never to be underrated. The best thing is that, with the aid of hashtags, you can reach more people outside your country,

#2. Hashtags

Hashtags have helped people grow on twitter and it does not exclude instagram too. With the correct use of hashtags, you will find yourslef getting more engagements and page likes. Hashtags make it easier for people who are interested in your niche to find your contente and hopefully like your page.

#3. Quality

Instagram has a top notch picture quality. There is a saying “everyone looks good when the picture is posted on instagram”. Instagram has a very high picture quality for everyone who wished to display products. In summary, it makes your products and services look better with the aid of better story telling.

So there you have it. If you have never found a meaningful reason to use instagram, I guess we just gave you one above. Instagram remains the best social media platform to market a product.

How to you grow your instagram page as a make up artist and get more leads

Growing an instagram page takes consistency and creativity. You can read all about becoming a social media influencer here and understand what it takes to grow an instagram page from 0 to 2000 followers,

There are five tips to get more sales on your instagram page and they are:

1, Post frequently

Drop at least two posts on your page daily and watch as you page views will rise. The more you post, the better your visibility to other people. On instagram, it is always important that you keep people in check and show that your brand still exists. Most of the reasons why many people have decrease in followers is due to the fact that they don’t have a consistent posting frequency. Many people think you post today and the next time you need to drop a post should be in the next few days, but it is the exact opposite. If possible, you can post five content daily just for people to view and stay relevant.

There are tools that help you keep up with your posting. An example is buffer which will help you schedule your posts on instagram and post them whenever you want to without you having to login your account.

#2. Promote your brand hashtags

You might have a #galamourworld hashtag but how will you leverage it to get people to post about you? How do you get people to use it to share content about you? This is where we have to go offline and meet real people. They may seem nice at some point, but please note that humans are not nice. Print out flyers and insert your hashtag in those flyers, T-shirts, souvenirs and others.

Interact with people using your hashtag. You can also hold campaigns, giveaways and ask people to share your posts using that same dedicated hashtag. That way, you will grow and become a more recognised brand.

#3. Join huge conversations

When you see an engaging post on Instagram, this is the right time to also get more recognition. Let’s say a fashion page starts a controversial post about a celebrity, you need to use this opportunity to engage with people. Most people who will view the posts will be fashion freaks and a huge percentage of them tend to be females who you can then sell your services to. Don’t just focus on posting alone without actually engaging with people.

How to start a WhatsApp status Tv easily in Nigeria

How to start a WhatsApp status Tv easily in Nigeria

You want to learn how to start a whatsapp status TV like Regal Tv and make a lot of money? Then you have arrived at the right place. WhatsApp TV’s are everywhere these days and anybody can start one with the right investment and strategy. In this post, we will be showing you the few simple steps to start and grow your own WhatsApp TV.

Having a WhatsApp status Tv is almost like owning a blog. In fact, it is better than owning a blog in terms of stress and work input. While you need to write 1000+ words on a blog, you might only need a few words on your TV. While you need to perform SEO, SEM, SMM for your blog, you only need to get more contacts for you status TV.

Many people also go as far as looking for how to earn money on whatsapp status and how to write whatsapp status and get paid. Only few people have been able to hack this knowledge and make a lot of money from it.

Reading this, I am sure you must have seen some WhatsApp TV’s with thousands of contacts, WhatsApp status views and they became huge influencers on whatsapp.

Who else noticed there is a particular sense of pride people feel when they get a lot of views on their WhatsApp statuses? Those views make them feel important and that is why many go as far as generating whatsapp links to their contacts…..but how many of them really make money from those views?

We will be explaining to you everything about starting w WhatsApp TV and growing it into a big brand.

Well, I recently dropped a post about how to start a WhatsApp status TV here but what about how to make money from a WhatsApp TV? 

There are a lot of people who use their WhatsApp to make a huge figure online monthly and you could be one of them if you just follow this particular post.

Before we go further, I will reveal a few things to you so you know that you can actually make six figures from your whatsapp .

Why WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the most used messaging platform in the entire world. With over 1.5 Billion downloads on google playstore alone, we can say more than 21% of the universe use WhatsApp to communicate with each other.

But it is very impossible to get the numbers of everyone in the world isn’t it?

The main thing is to gather as much contacts as possible, and make money from them but how possible is it?


But before we go any further, there is something you cannot afford to miss.

So after you must have created your WhatsApp TV, how do you intend to make money from it? Sure, you are very excited to start a WhatsApp TV but what do you plan to do that will fetch you the six figures that can help you with your data subscription, domino’s pizza and still allow you ball with your friends? How do you want to parte after parte if you are broke?

Starting a WhatsApp TV is easy, the difficult task there is how to grow your contacts and start getting people to advertise on your whatsapp TV.

But that is not the only thing I will reveal to you in this course as I will also be showing you how to make money from affiliate marketing and many other businesses. This hack can help you earn 470k on your whatsapp TV.

I am going to show you the trick WhatsApp TVs have been using to get more contacts and make six figures from their status viewers.

Trust me, at the end of this eBook, you would be wondering why I decided to sell it at a very cheap price like this.

Well, don’t worry about that, the main aim is to help more people earn but you won’t really value the information if it was given off for free, would you?

I will show you how I was able to make money (six figures monthly) on whatsapp by:

Let me excite your adrenaline a bit with a simple screenshot of what you can earn.

Contents of this ebook

  • How to start a WhatsApp Tv. 
  • How to get more WhatsApp Contacts. 
  • Broadcast list. 
    1. How to create a broadcast list. 
    2. Editing a Broadcast List. 
    3. Deleting a Broadcast List. 
  • Business Account Guide.
  • This section contains every guide on how to handle your whatsapp business account effectively. 
    1. Using away messages. 
    2. Using greeting messages
    3. Using quick replies. 
    4. Using labels.
  • Creating a broadcast list from labels
  • Best Niches for WhatsApp TV.
  • Business TV..
    1. How to Monetize a Business Niche WhatsApp Tv. 22
      1. Affiliate Marketing. 
      2. Bulk SMS Business. 
  • Information Marketing.
  • TECH TV.
    1. How to Monetize a Tech WhatsApp TV.
    2. How to become a jumia affiliate. 
  • Fashion TV.
    1. How to Monetize your fashion TV.
  • Sports. 
    1. How to Monetize a sports WhatsApp TV.
  • News/Entertainment TV.
    1. How to monetize. 
  • Bonus. 
    1. How to receive money on paystack without a website. 
    2. How to start Bulk SMS business. 
    3. How to start data reselling business. 

Click Here to Get this product below now!!! 


What is a WhatsApp Tv?

WhatsApp TV is just a WhatsApp account dedicated to posting interesting content mainly for entertaining viewers. They have more contacts and WhatsApp status views. They earn by placing adverts, selling products and affiliate marketing.

On average, a Whatsapp TV earns between N150,000 to N300,000 monthly posting adverts for other business and brands like them. Being a WhatsApp Tv is no different from being a social media influencer. You can learn more about how to become a social media influencer in Nigerian here.

A lot of businesses are need people to see them. They want to reach as many people as possible, therefor they tend to pay for adverts and invest on some mode of publicity.

Since WhatsApp has become the biggest messaging app in the world, everyone has begun to leverage the use of WhatsApp TVs as the best tool to reach their customers.

WhatsApp makes a one-on-one conversation easier and allows you to know what your audience wants and what they don’t want through a few minutes of chat. This has helped a lot of people grow more.

Who can start a WhatsApp Tv?

Anyone can start and grow a WhatApp status TV as long as you have the time to keep posting and replying messages. However, it is more advisable to have a lot of time, data and the right device before you can start a WhatsApp Tv.

Most TVs are failing due to the fact that they don’t have the right devices. They have so many contacts and message requests which makes their smartphones hand a lot.

Before you venture into anything like this, it is important that you get to know what you are facing and prepare yourself with the right devices.

What do you need to start a WhatsApp TV?

If you are thinking of N100,000 then you are right. If you are thinking of N1000, you are also right. The fact is that you don’t really need a lot before you can start a WhatsApp status TV.

All you need is actually at your disposal. You can as well start with no cash at all. However, you need to spend in order to grow.

Below are some of the things that will help you start and grow a WhatsApp TV

  1. A smartphone
  2. WhatsApp business account
  3. Logo

As you can see from above, all you need is at your disposal. You can read this post now because you have a smartphone. Your smartphone can as well help you with a WhatsApp Business account and a logo.

The thing is that you should not start with just any type of smartphone. Your smartphone must have at least 2GB RAM, 4G LTE and 16GB of storage. When you start adding contacts, your phone memory gets filled and might start hanging. So most times, it is better to start a WhatsApp TV with an iPhone. However, due to the rate at which iPhones consume data, you can switch to a samsung s7 and above or Tecno Camon 11.

Those are the perfect phones you can start a WhatsApp TV with.

How to start a WhatsApp Status TV

I will be explaining some tips on the steps to follow before you also venture into starting and growing your own WhatsApp status TV.

#1. Identify your niche

What most WhatsApp Tvs do is to copy funny tweets and videos, repost on their statuses and add their watermarks. This has made it look like a business of plagiarism. However, there are some that have been able to narrow their niche and get a more targeted audience than others. It makes it easier for them to run engaging ads.

There are WhatsApp Tvs dedicated to only showing content related, some talk about sports, some talk about businesses and so on. Identifying a niche makes it easier to come up with unique content instead of just cropping out other people’s tweets and adding your watermark.

These are the most profitable niches to run your WhatsApp status TV on.

  1. Business/investment: Every single person is interested in making money. You can run a TV on how to make money, different investment programs, income programs and many more. To get your audience attention, keep them updated with motivational posts, Top ten lists of rich people, how to make money online, money making tips, various businesses you can start etc. This way you can also run affiliate marketing and refer a huge portion of your audience to join the income programs you join, you can as well sell ebooks at higher prices.
  2. Tech: A gadgets TV is another lucrative way to make money. With the knowledge of mini importation, drop shipping or affiliate marketing, you can be making a huge amount of money selling gadgets to your audience. It is easy to sell to them because you have a narrow audience. You know your audience is only interested in those gadgets and that is why they have joined your WhatsApp Tv.
  3. Sports: If you are pretty good at predicting and forecasting football matches, then this is the right niche for you. You can sell match forecasts t your audience and make money off it. There are also various ways to make money from this niche if you know the right way to go. You can also sponsor posts on your TV.
  4. Fashion: The fashion niche is a very underrated yet lucrative niche for bloggers as well as influencers. All you have to do is post pictures of your favorite celebs rocking nice fashion wears. You earn through affiliate marketing and selling of fashion items.

#2. Create a whatsapp business account.

WhatsApp business account allows you to generate a link directly to your TV. When people click the link, they will be directed to your whatsapp contact where you can also send an automated message and add quick replies. Go to playstore, search for whatsapp business and install it on your mobile phone. Register and add your logo as your display picture.

#3. Save all contacts in your email

You need to save all your contacts in your email account. Phone and sim storage have limited memory but your email does not. When you save contacts in your email, it can easily be retrieved when you swap phones.

#4. Run some ads to your Tv

You can also run some adverts inking to your whatsapp Tv. You can run with facebook adverts, other whatsapp TVs, influencers and many more. This will help you get more contacts.

#5. Post and post and post

Never bore your audience. Keep feeding them with new content everyday. Continue posting as much as 15 posts per day with a reasonable time interval. You can drop 3 posts in the morning, drop a meme or unique content in the afternoon and advertise some products in the evening. By evening, most people are already on their phones after a hectic day.

Those are the few steps to starting your own whatsapp status Tv.

How to become a social media influencer in Nigeria

How to become a social media influencer in Nigeria

“How to become a social media influencer in Nigeria”. Why did you make this search in the first place? Social media has changed the world. I want to buy a pet, I check

social media. I want to buy a house, I check instagram. I want to find a good makeup artist, I check instagram.

I am in need of a private tutors, I make use of LinkedIn. When I want to learn how to boost my seo traffic, I make use of YouTube. Almost everything is happening on social media and people do not want to be left out. Small businesses have been made into big companies because of the influence of social media, but Social media influencers are now one of the hottest cakes in the business?

Social media influencers earn as much as N50,000 per post. In a day, one single social media influencer can get up to 3 posts and earn 5x the minimum wage in just a day.

This has grown to become one of the most lucrative online business any youth can start. The biggest problem most people face while venturing into this path is consistency. Social media domination requires one of the highest levels of consistency and planning.

Influencer marketing on social media is a lucrative full time job which can earn you millions of naira every month. I know you are excited now, but what does it take to become a social media influencer?

Consistency and creativity are the two keys to becoming a successfuly social media influencer. One must first understand how the social media world works. What people want to see and what people don’t want. A good social media infleuncer must know when and what to post.

Many brands and businesses are always looking for social media influencers to help them promote their new products. This has helped a lot of people grow more than they can imagine.

Let me tell you a secret why social media influencing has become such a lucrative job.

Social media influencers are naturally friends of their followers. Even when they don’t know most of their followers, they still find a way to engage with them, gist and respond to some messages. They are also like role models to most of their followers. So when a social media influencer promotes a particular product, the follower feels assured that the product will surely work. This is one of the secrets behind apple’s success.

iPhone is a luxury many people want to have in their possession because celebrities have it. Their favorite people on the planet have it. The people they see on TV everyday have it.

So, as an influencer, the fact that you are consistent and creative will surely make you likable. When people like you, the trust you and then you can begin to sell anything and they will buy. This is why many companies have leveraged influencer marketing to get more products sales and leads.

Many university graduates and undergraduates have taken social media influencer marketing as a full time job to prevent themselves from resulting into scam like their colleagues.

The use of social media marketing has been very much underrated by a lot of brands in Nigeria. Social media influencer marketing makes it possible to reach more than 1000 people per day.

Everyone has a social media account. Influencers make more than N100,00o every day from their social media account. How much do you make?

And by influencers, we mean original influencers, not those who spam whatsapp groups with unnecessary images, and BCs. We mean people with tens of thousands of followers and are still getting the right idea wirth influencer marketing.

SO let us dive into what we have for us today;

What is social media influencer marketing?

I think from the three words (four), you can deduce what social media marketing actually means. Social Media, influencer, marketing.

Social media influencer marketing is a form of marketing that makes use of people who have the ability to drive a lot of other people on social media to buy a product, service or generate leads.

There are certain qualities of an influencer and they are:

  • Persuasive ability
  • Story telling ability
  • Consistency
  • Trust
  • Creativity

Persuasive ability: Every social media influencer must be able to persuade people to do what they want without looking forceful. As an influencer, your biggest strength lies in persuasion. Why do you have so many followers when you cannot persuade them to provide you with what you want?

Story Telling Ability: Don’t ever drive a point without a story and don’t ever tell a story without a point. This is one of the biggest things I have learnt as a content writer. People love story, especially constructive story telling. Stories capture their attention. It gives them an angle to understand you from. The power of story teling must not be ignored as a social media influencer.

Consistency: An influencer must be consistent with how well he posts on his social media platform. You must know how to keep feeding your viewers with new contents daily and never run dry of them. Consistency is a key factor every digital marketer must consider.

Trust: Trust is very important in everything you do online. People would not buy from you if they didn’t trust you. You must be able to make your audience trust and believe in you. This will go a long way.

How to become a social media influencer in Nigeria

Now, how can one become a social media influencer? There are different types of social media influecers. We have the celebrity influencers who are very popular. They have up to millions of followers. We also have the macro influencers which have between 200k to 1M followers. The middle influencers have between 50k – 200k followers while the micro influencers have between 1000 to 50k followers.

So how do you become a social media influencer in Nigeria?

#1. Create a social media account

Of course, how else do you want to become an influencer without a social media account. Be creative with your username. Make it short and easy to remember.

Most times, it is better to choose two social media accounts that you can conveniently use well. For example, twitter and instagram or instagram and facebook.

Make sure your username is related to your niche and does not look like a crappy one.

#2. Choose a niche

Many people make the mistake of diversifying into different niches at the same time, when you can just chose a niche that will work well for you.

Having a niche makes it easier for you to target your audience and create content around them. Your niche should be around something you are passionate about.

#3. Create amazing content

Your content must be unique. Don’t make the mistake of creating content that does not attract the user. In fact, most of what you post on your social media account must be creative.

You can create animation, memes, comics, infographics, funny images and many more. Just make sure your content are well relatable and great.

#4. Be consistent

You must have noticed how hard we keep pressing on consistency. Consistency is the key to striving on social media.

Be consistent with your posting. Make sure you continue to bring in new and fresh content daily. When you run out of ideas, do a survey or share a video related to your niche.

Just make sure you never run dry of posts in a day.

Trust me, you don’t want to loose your followers by being inconsistent.

#5. Use hashtags

Don’t ever underestimate the power of the ‘#’. Use your hashtags to mark what your posts is really about and to get more views from people across the world.

The use of hashtags has attributed to a huge reason why people are so successful in social media influencer marketing.

#6. reply comments

Try to reply as many comments as you can. Don’t be a snub.

Replying comments can go a long way in social media influencer marketing.

As an influencer, you must be able to engage with whatever people think and feel about your content.

Do not be rude, but polite.

That’s all for now on how to become a social media influencer in Nigeria. Use the information here to get to the pick of your influencer marketing career and watch yourself soar