7 Ridiculous SEO superstitions that could BADLY affect you

7 Ridiculous SEO superstitions that could BADLY affect you

There are so many SEO myths and misconceptions in this modern age. So many intending digital marketers have failed woefully because of these horrible myths.

Apparently, not everything you see on the internet about SEO is worth putting into practice, they may work for the short term and destroy you in the long term. This is why it is recommended that you hire a professional SEO specialist for your brand.

There might be a shred of truth buried under all these misconceptions but one must be very careful when dealing with Google. You need to to work with Google and not try to outsmart Google. Google is basically the internet.

What is more important for your growing website is that you focus more on your users, Like we usually say, a Good SEO writer must learn to bridge the gap between writing for the search engine and writing for Google. That is exactly what is operating in this post, but you cannot understand because the post is for you alone.

But you must be wondering, since SEO is actually the best way to make sales, why are there so many SEO myths? The answer is right here for you.

1. Unhealthy competition

Some people are actually bringing up these myths to destroy any potential competition they may have. In their bid to eliminate threat, they are spreading false news that may damage their competition’s chance of ranking well on search engine. Some of your favorite SEO experts do this. If you find out that you have been applying tricks you learnt from your favorite SEO king” and it is harming your sight more than it is doing any good (if you are doing everything right) then you might want to source for a better SEO mentor.

2. Evolution in SEO

SEO changes. The way they did SEO by stuffing keywords ten years ago is way different from the modern age. Now, google is picking on loopholes and filling them with updates. The tactics that worked for a brand six years ago may not work for that brand in 2020 so it is important that you know your space and know what works for you as earlier as possible before your brand become a huge success and hits a terrible road block. Google can be crazy with their algorithms but one thing that never changes is the fact that – GOOD CONTENT IS KING! if you cannot write your own content, it is better to hire a professional to do it for you.

Here is a deep dive into seven SEO myths/misconceptions and how to deal with them


#1 SEO MYTH . Keyword Density Improves your ranking

A lot of people keep asking me questions like:

  • Is keyword density important for SEO?
  • What should be my keyword density when I write a post?
  • What is the ideal keyword density for SEO?

These questions are frequently asked and I usually just give them a vague answer like “Just find a good keyword and write about it”, but the truth is that While keyword may play a vital role in SEO, density of your keyword plays a negligible influence in ranking your posts.

It is important for you to use your keyword thoroughly in your post but aiming for a particular density does not really matter. However, you must avoid stuffing your keyword. Which is why I recommend that you keyword should appear four times max in every 1000 words. Meaning, if you are writing a post that is 4000 words long, your keyword should not appear more than 10 times.

Ubersuggest is one of the best tools to check for keywords. Also, Google recognizes synonyms of keywords and adjectives or adverbs of that keyword so you might want to put that at the back of your mind.

#2 SEO Myth. Backlinks Don’t Matter

LOL! This is the height of it all. I have a colleague who is very good in SEO but his biggest problem is that he does not build links. Maybe he is afraid of getting a penalty so he uses “BACKLINKS DON’T MATTER” as an excuse to build links.

Know this today that backlinks matter a lot. They are very important in SEO and can quickly move you from third page to the first result on SERP. All you need to do is build your links wisely.

The best thing to do while building backlinks is to make sure that the site you are building your backlink from is related to yours. This is not important but it really helps in ranking you better than your competition.

For example, if you are writing about “Checkmate Gaming”, you need to link to your checkmate gaming post through another post related to checkmate gaming review. Like a post about checkmate gaming review, how to start checkmate gaming etc.

Links from a related and relevant post to your own post will only tell Google that this post is important and has a huge value for this keyword since most of it’s links are coming from same kind of posts so it needs to be ranked higher than everyone else.

The best trick Neil Patel l uses is that he just writes some posts without performing any keyword research. This post acts as a link juice. He uses these kind of posts to pass important links to some of his most important post that he wants to rank and it has worked pretty well for him.

However, some people make backlink building mistakes and make their sites vulnerable to google penalty.

  1. Avoid using the same anchor texts
  2. Avoid linking from spammy sites
  3. Avoid comment links to your posts but you can link it to your domain
  4. Avoid linking from footer texts


LOL! Lies!

You cannot stop doing SEO for your site and if you ever stop, it is going to affect you badly because Google changes their algorithm frequently and you want to keep up with the latest changes in Google algorithms. If you don’t, you might be surprised when your search traffic drop drastically from tens of thousands monthly to roughly five thousand.


Many people believe this, that when you add your keyword at the footer of your site, your ranking will boost. So some people end up adding invisible keywords linking to their site at the footer of every site they build themselves. While, you might start seeing amazing results in a short period of time, it may be harmful to you in the next one year.

This is certainly not recommended if you want to create a long-term domination over your business. Slow and steady wins the race.

#5 SEO MYTH: Always do keyword research for all your posts

To be honest, not all your posts will rank on Google front page. Some will not even smell the third page. Secondly, not all low competition keywords will get you traffic. The keyword probably has its official site ranking for it and it would make no meaning trying to outrank them. I discussed more about this in my ubersuggest 7.0 review

For example, you are doing a keyword research and then you discover “facebook login” has a lot of searches monthly with very low difficulty. (This is just an assumption). You do not need to rush into writing 5000 words about facebook login because it would be meaningless and a great waste of time.

Everyone who searches for that keyword just wants to login their facebook accounts in peace and not have to read 5000 words about how you were able to login your grand mothers facebook account when she fell sick.

So what is the best way out?

While performing your keyword research, simply take note of the keywords and search them like a normal searcher would. Check the kind of sites that are ranking for it. If the official company is not ranking, then you can proceed.

Just telling you this so that you don’t waste your time. But it is not all your posts you have to do keyword research for. As mentioned earlier, you an just write mainly to pass link juice to a particular post.

Like one of the posts about how to start data reselling business in Nigeria using the trendz data app, I can decide to write five other posts talking only about other data reselling apps, importance of data reselling etc just to act as strong link juice to the original data reselling post.


When you open SERP, you will see that most of the results don’t show beyond a particular amount of characters, but this does not mean the remaining characters are irrelevant. The reason why you are asked to do this is to make sure that your target keyword is visible to the audience – it does not mean you cannot add more than 60 characters.

Just make sure your target keyword/keyphrase appears in one of those 60 characters and the rest is history.


On the contrary, exact match domain names help you rank better than your competition. This myth arose from a change google made in 2012 when some websites overdid their domain name picking. Their domains were so crazy, they didn’t even need to write any content to rank. Domains like “howmuchiscatfoodonamazon.com”. Yeah, crazy right?


So those are some of the crazy SEO myths. Don’t let anyone msilead you. The comment section is always open for comments

Ubersuggest 7.0 review: Is this the best free keyword research tool 2020?

Ubersuggest 7.0 review: Is this the best free keyword research tool 2020?

This Ubersuggest 7.0 review contains everything you need to know about the new tool upgrade released by Neil Patel and we are in no affiliation or whatsoever to this. We are only giving out our thoughts and reviews of the tool and everyone reading this is entitled to think otherwise of anything they feel about Ubersuggest 7.0 review in the comment section.

Neil Patel is definitely not relenting on anything and can’t stop giving out to online marketers. In 2018, he rolled out Ubersuggest 2.0 which was said to be way better than the initial Ubersuggest but now,he has given us what seems to be the best free keyword research tool on the planet.

SEMRush and Ahrefs are all fantastic tools but they are paid, and startup brands may not be able to afford the monthly plans. But luckily for you, there is Ubersuggest there just for you to do keyword research the right way in 2020.  

According to a post he released on his blog yesterday, Neil said:

Believe it or not, I’ve been working on Ubersuggest for almost 3 years now.

I bought it on February 13, 2017, for $120,000 dollars as a test to see if I could get more traffic from a tool than traditional content marketing or SEO.

Since then the tool has come a long way, in which I’ve added tons of features that competitors charge $100 a month or even more for.

But I’ve finally got Ubersuggest to a point where I can start releasing features that my competition don’t even have.

So before, you head on over to Ubersuggest to work on your SEO, make sure you read everything below because I’ve just changed up how you are going do keyword research (in a good way).

On top of that, I’ve also released a few other features as well related to link data and traffic estimations.

Does this mean he has finally, gotten the right tool he wants? HECK NO!!!

Even facebook, instagram, Whatsapp and twitter still undergo periodic updates.

There are still some things we feel needs to be added to the Ubersuggest tool and we will talk about them in this wonderful review, but these tools added on here are amazing.

So what is new about Ubersuggest 7.0?

Extra Backlink data

Google might choose not to tell you this, but backlinks are very important for ranking – and toxic backlinks kill a site’s SEO. Which do you want to do? Rank well, or kill your site? This is why you need to learn as much as you can about backlinks.

Sometime, in 2018, I started a tech blog techpanda.com.ng where I posted about 50 articles on it and later stopped. After some times, I noticed that the post I had written were not ranking the way I wanted them to and they had very low competition.

I was supposed to be ranking in the first or second result, but no, I was at the forth page. Not the fourth result, but the fourth page. As per newbie in tech blogging, I went ahead and made research on how to rank a website on Google front page.

All I wanted to do was rank my old posts and not the new posts, I had written. Guess what I did? I built links. Not just anyhow links, but quality links from previously existing posts and even the posts I would publish in future. I made sure I was just linking to my pillar content (I mean the contents that had crazy stats and would eventually drive a whole lot of traffic to my site).

Sometimes, I even wrote posts, not for the purpose of ranking, but to pass link juice to my pillar content and it worked like magic. Fast forwards few weeks later, all my pillar content were in front page and I was finally able to reach my 1k daily search vist goal – I sold off the blog early in 2019.

Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest 7.0 gives you a better insight on the sites which you are getting links from. It also gives you an insight of where your competitors get their links from.

If your competitors can get links from a particular site, then there is every opportunity for you to get links from that site to. You can perform the email outreach or check their page for any “Guest posting” opportunity.

This Ubersuggest 7.0 will also show you if your site is growing on backlinks or regressing, then you know what to fix. You can see a daily new and lost link count for any site you input in the tool.

You might not understand the link chat you will see on the Ubersuggest 7.0 but when you take your time, you will get a hand of it.

Secondly, this upgrade is faster. You can now get data from sites across the world in a shorter period of time. 

Extra Keyword data

This upgrade comes with more keywords data. The previous ubersuggests will show you CPC data, SEO difficulty, and even search volume.

You can find keywords with high search volume, high CPC and low difficulty but it does not mean it is easy to rank.

Why does that happen:

CPC for mobile may not worth much: Some keyword get a lot of mobile searches but that does not mean they will earn you the most money.

Their Conversion rates may be very low. This does not mean that you should not focus on mobile traffic. Set you site to be responsive on mobile devices too, but it means that keyword won’t be as valuable as you thought.

The New ubersuggest tool has been able to curb this problem since you can now check for mobile searches and desktop searches of a particular keyword.

High Search Volumes Does Not Mean Big Money (every time): Some keywords get a thousands of monthly searches but they may not get you much conversion like those that have hundreds of monthly searches.

Some keywords may be searched by people within 13 and 21 while others may be searched by adults above 25. There is a huge chance that the former might not have credit card to buy any of your product but the latter might.

The Ubersuggest 7.0 has solved this problem for you by displaying the searchers age range so you know the age of your searchers.

Improved Traffic Estimation

You can now get the traffic statistics of any domain name you add to the Ubersuggest tool. You get the estimated number of monthly searches and the particular keywords that domain is ranking for. This ubersuggest 7.0 review has talked about the three updates to the ubersuggest and they are all amazing, but what do we love and hate about it?


Pros and cons of Ubersuggest


  • Improved traffic analysis

  • Better keyword stat

  • Better Backlink Stat


  • Does not give you data from every country

Is ubersuggest accurate?

Most keyword research tools give you different traffic stats. Ubersuggest is not 100% accurate, but the accuracy level is still pretty much impressive and can perform the job you want.


The Ubersuggest 7.0 is an amazing toolhat offers you all the keyword data you want from top tier countries for free. It is totally worth using. Once again, we are not in anyway affiliated to ubersuggest and this ubersuggest 7.0 review is only based on our observations. If there is anything you want to add, you may drop it in the comment box below

Introducing the Trendzmedia small business seo service

Introducing the Trendzmedia small business seo service

Small business seo services is one step further to make your business reach as much audience as you want (depending on your budget). You might have hired the service of a social media influencer and still got no result. Asides from that, there are also remote ways to sit at home and make sure you get your target audience without doing any work. Here are some proven ways to boost your seo traffic

SEO has managed to change the way online business work. Gone are those days when people posted on their website or blogs and spammed social media groups and comment sections with unnecessary links. Nobody clicks those links anymore.

SEO has made it easier to reach your target audience. With the knowledge of keyword research and perfectly written content, one can boost sales to a whopping 105% increase.

About Trendzmedia small business seo services

Trendzmedia is a fast growing digital agency dealing with the best professionals in content writing, SEO, web development, PR marketing and many more. We offer small business seo services at a much more affordable price for individuals and new brands who are looking to get an online exposure.

Through the aid of SEO, we have been able to rank many blogs and websites to reach their desired customers. The beautiful thing about what we do is that we establish a good relationship with our clients, thereby getting their trust and also giving them time-to-time tips on how to grow their business more than it is initially.

Why your business needs TrendzMedia

Well, our guess is that there are many other brands in your niche competing against you. How do you aim at doing better than them in terms of sales and audience reach?

There are many reasons why you need an SEO management service for your business and they will be highlighted below:

  1. More reach: TrendzMedia small business SEO services gets you more reach at a very affordable price. Audience reach is not just about people seeing you, it’s about people knowing what you do. With Trendzmedia small business SEOservices, you can reach out to your audience and et them know who you are and how your brand works for them.
  2. Better Results: It is no doubt that SEO gets better result than any other form of marketing. The reason why this is true is because SEO deals with exactly what your audience want. While you may be running facebook ads hoping to meeet the needs of your target audience, people search google hoping to find a site that meets their needs. Once you can rank on google for your target keyword, you can make more sales.
  3. Affordable: You get all the important results at a relatively cheap price. Many people are paying $2000 monthly for an SEO specialist, but what if you cannot afford such, How would you compete? Of course, you cannot get the same result but you can definitely boost your sales by a huge margin. From boosting your sales, you will be able to afford big time SEO services and finally compete.

IT is no doubt running a brand can be expensive and tiring especially when you are not getting the results you need, but TrendzMedia is there to give you that result.

Social media marketing may be your competitors way of getting more leads than you but SEO has been proven to be the most efficient marketing strategy for any small business. Sure, you might be wondering how it is possible for you to afford an SEO service for a small business like yours but there are several plans we offering at Trendzmedia.

Proven ways to boost your SEO traffic 2020

Google remains the number one search engine in the world. Billions of people use everyday to find answers to their questions. There are millions of websites/blogs competing to be displayed on google’s search result page.

How do you get yourself to the top of google’s front page? SEO is simply a trick many individuals have leveraged to get more leads than their competitors.

The fact that many people go to google in search of solutions to some of their pressing problems is why many people are able to make use of this search engine to get more buyers to their products.

However, it has been a long established fact that SEO is dynamic and changes almost everyday, but there are certain things which have remained constant in the past few years.

It is one thing to rank on google, but another thing to rank on the front page of google. The first result is much more important than the second to the last results on google front page.

Take the image in the sample below:

A woman is in need of a car tracker for her newly acquired Lexus 350. She goes to google and searches for car trackers in Nigeria, the first result will be what she clicks because it has been recommended by google.

There are many other sites ranking for that particular keyword, but she wil click the first one because she wants a faster reply. She does not have enough time to be going through other sites, so she clicks the first thing she sees and makes use of any relevant information she finds on that site.

AT the end of her visit to that site, if she does not find any relevant information, the next things is to check out the site below it. However, not every time will you find an irrelevant information on the first result of google SERP (Search Engine Result Page). So, being the first result is the most important thing one must focus on, especially if you are selling a product.

While google has been changing algorithms and adding new updates, so many webmasters have been finding it hard to keep up with them. This has caused many sites to shut down or eventually be sold and used for something else.

No matter how much google changes their algorithms, there are still some certain features which remain constant and a critical factor of SEO.

There are many other sources of traffic one can leverage, but nothing compares to SEO in terms of consistency, engagement, results and quality.

So how do you boost your SEO traffic???

Before getting a solution, tyhe natural thing to do is to analyse the problem. Why is what is happening happening?

Why are you writing content without ranking?

Why do other websites with lesser content rank better than you?

These are some frustrating question that may have crossed your mind at one point of your SEO journey, so here is how to deal with them.

What you have to do is;

#1. Perform an SEO audit

There are many websites that can help you with a free SEO audit. My personal favorite is the SEO profiler. SEO profiler gives you full result of your SEO audit daily and makes sure you get access to some of the solutions for free.

The premium version, of course, has more features which is beneficial to you. The free version gets you some results as well, though.

Visit seoprofiler.com and perform a free audit.

#2. Plan your next strategy

After analyzing your problem, it is time to think of a ground-breaking plan that will help you resolve that problem fast. You next strategy should obviously be different from whatever you did before that didn’t give you your result.

SO how do you boost your SEO traffic?

The trick to boosting seo traffic is mostly in content and link building, but there are certain strategies one needs to order implement before they can work hand in hand with each other.

One thing you must know about SEO is that, in order to get the result you desire, every little thing must be put into place.

This means that, you must write the right kind of content, build the right kind of backlinks and not leave any stone unturned.

This may sound hard, but it is simpler than you can imagine.

Backlink building requires care and proper research.

Writing content requires being unique and consistent.

You put these two together and you have yourself one of the best ways to rank a blog online in only a matter of days.

Here are some of the tips I have used to rank my blogs in the past and they still work till date.

#1. Do keyword research

First, you need to know what people search about. A lot of people don’t actually know how to put their words when they search for a query online, but there are many people who usually search the exact same words every month.

There are two types of keywords;

  • Long tail
  • short tail

Long Tail Keywords

These are keywords with high search volumes but lower competition. Most people refer to them as keywords that have more than 3 words. They are not wrong, but I prefer to say they are keywords that have higher search volume and lower competition.

Looking at the two images above, we can say that both of them are long tail keywords, right? Since they both have more than three words. The phrase “How to make pancakes” is the seed keywords and there are probably millions of sites ranking for that query.

However, when you narrow down your search to “How to make pancakes without using baking powder”.

The result gets more specific and you can now choose the site you want to read.

credit: seopressor.com

The reason why one must focus on long tailed keywords over short tailed keywords is due to the fact that visitors are getting more specific with their searches. Nobody searches for “pancakes” when they want to learn how to make pancakes. Now, people will rather look for a site that is going straight to the point, because nobody has that much time.

#2. Hire a content writer

Unless you are a content writer yourself, it is advised that you hire a content writer, else you might end up writing crappy content for your website.

A good content writer knows how to fix keywords in posts that will make that post rank and still makes the content look natural.

Many people make the mistake of stuffing posts with keywords where it is not necessary all in the name of ranking their website, not knowing it will get them penalized.

It usually takes a lot of time to recover from a google penalty. It can take some people two months, some two weeks and if you are lucky it can take you less, but it is not a risk worthy to be taken.

Instead, focus more on producing natural content that will help you outrank competitors on SERP and still keep your visitors in check. 

How to write content that ranks

Writing the kind of content that ranks takes practice. It would not take you up to a month though, if you are consistent. However, you must known how to fix certain things into place before you can rank. 

This is one of the most important factors of on-page SEO. You must know where to put the keywords, how to structure your permalink, quality of content and to format your images. 

#3. Do Interlinking

Internal linking of posts is another way you can rank higher than your competition. A lot of webmasters are afraid of building links from other external sources so they use internal linking to get the result they desire.

One secret tool to getting thousands of traffics daily is by linking all your posts to your pillar content one way or another. 

For example, if i run an entertainment blog, and my main keyword is “Download latest naija songs”I will obviously be posting at least five contents daily because of my niche. This way, I will have a lot of content I can use to link to my pillar keyword.

So what do I do?

I create a tag called “Download latest naija songs” and all the songs on my site will have that particular tag. 

All my posts will link to that tag one way or another, which will give me better link juice to that tag. The more links I have, the higher the ranking of the tag itself. The higher the ranking, the more visitors.

Hope we understand that?