How to make money online in Nigeria 2020

How to make money online in Nigeria 2020

There are many ways to make money online in Nigeria in 2020. Many people have been finding it hard to earn a decent income online in Nigeria. This is because they have been following wrong steps and taking bad procedures to achieve what they want. The economy of Nigeria is bad and many people have been affected which made them result to finding extra means of earning a decent income. Many have also started other businesses, learnt skills while some have decided to go into internet fraud.

However, in this post, we will be showing you the most legit ways to make money online in Nigeria in 2020. These businesses are some of the most lucrative and easy to start business online in Nigeria. There are many advantages to starting an online business in Nigeria. Below are some reasons why you should start an online business ASAP.

Why you must start an online business in 2019

  1. Little capital needed: This is one reason many people are staring an online business. This is what makes a lot of people jump into blogging and some other businesses. You can actually make money online in Nigeria with as little as N5000 and grow it into something that brings as much as N30,000 monthly. That is the power of making money online.
  2. Large Customer Reach: An online business helps to reach a larger audience both home and abroad. Over 2 billion people use the internet everyday so it means you have the potential of reaching hundreds of thousands of people each month with your business and digital marketing skills. Google has made it easier for you to also know what people search through the power of autosuggest and related search tools. With the aid of Facebook and twitter ads also, you have the chance to reach as many people as you want at an affordable price.
  3. Easy to start: Online businesses are very easy to start. All you need is to get the attention of a digital marketing personnel. You can start a blog or build a website for that offline business you always wanted to grow. You can also acquire some skills with the aid of youtube and some other blog posts available on the web. All you need is a stable internet connection and enough data to last you a month or at least weekly.

How to make money online in Nigeria 2020

Now, it is time for the moment you have been waiting for. We will be going through some of the simple ways to make money online in Nigeria. These ways have been proven to be the most lucrative and legit ways to build a dependable source of income online.

  1. Freelancing: A lot of people have neglected the power of being a freelancer. There is a huge demand for certain skills and there are not enough professionals in the field. An example of such skill is animation and voice editing. On freelance websites like fiverr. freelancer, upwork and others, there are a lot of people hiring there every day. Some people make as much as $100 from these sites alone per day. Freelancing is the act of working for many individuals or companies at the same time. You can work for as many people as you want at your own pace and time. A freelancer is the sole owner and sole risk bearer of everything that happens. You bare all the profit and loss, but there is no much loss when you are a freelancer. You can as well get paid before completing a job, halfway into the task or at the end of the task.
  2. Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is no more a new term on the internet. Almost every internet marketer has a knowledge about this way of making money online. In lay man’s term, affiliate marketing is simply when you sell other people’s products for a commission. Some of the big brands on the internet these days are offering affiliate opportunities for people who want to earn online by simply selling their products. It can be website themes, fashion items, domain names and many more. The biggest affiliate program is still Amazon which has over 1 million affiliates promotion a huge number of goods to people. They have commission models that are different based on the type of product you are promoting. There are also some other affiliate programs that will help you make money online such as jumia, konga, wakanow, udemy etc. Affiliate marketing works better when you are good at content marketing
  3. Blogging: The term “blogging” is not new to anyone anymore these days. Blogging has become the most popular way to make money online in Nigeria in 2019. However, a lot of people have been doing it wrongly which is why you see so many people quitting after few months of not earning a single dime. There are bloggers who earn as much as $5000 monthly from their blogs. It is advised that one should not just rush into blogging immediately. Instead, you should make a lot of research on certain things like SEO, content marketing and a lot more. These are the simple skills that will make you flourish as a blogger. It is also important for you to make research on the best niches that you can blog about. One of the most popular mistakes made in blogging is not identifying the best niche to blog about. A lot of people make the mistake of blogging anything that comes to mind when it is better to narrow your niche down to what will bring ideas and the money you need. You can learn more about how to start a lifestyle blog here
  4. Start a whatsapp Tv: WhatsApp Tv is an amazing way to make money online. You can make money online by selling products or advertising for brands. The more contacts you have the higher your chances of earning. Which is why it is recommended for you to buy the trendzmedia six figure whatsapp tv guide 

So those are the three best ways to make money online in Nigeria in 2019. When you make enough research on each and every one of them, you are sure to be doing good in your first year. However, you must know that this is also a business and in businesses one should expect profits as well as losses. Now, all you have to do is make in-depth research on which one you can actually do and make the amount of money you need monthly.

How to start a lifestyle blog that make $1000 monthly including free bonus

How to start a lifestyle blog that make $1000 monthly including free bonus

Lifestyle niche is one of the most underrated niches in Nigeria, to be honest. I have seen so many people venture into blogging yet everyone is underrating this niche for reasons only heaven knows about.

The best thing about being a lifestyle blogger is that you can diversify into different niches at any time. The lifestyle niche is a very broad topic that deals with what humans go through everyday. Therefore, most niches under lifestyle are evergreen and the best for passive income. Examples of lifestyle sub niches are:

  1. Celebrities life
  2. Networths
  3. Relationship tips
  4. Fashion
  5. Makeup
  6. Home/interior decoration
  7. Hairstyles
  8. Cooking
  9. Fitness
  10. Weightlifting
  11. Photography
  12. Personal finance
  13. Holiday ideas
  14. Gift ideas
  15. Travelling
  16. Art
  17. Beards
  18. School life
  19. Stories
  20. Cars

These are some lifestyle niches one can focus on and bring in a huge amount of $$$ from adsense, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and ecommerce as well.

As a lifestyle blogger, you get to connect with your audience on a more personal level and maintain that cozy feeling of closeness with them.

Most other blogging niches usually make the writer look more distant from the audience. For example, the tech or news niche is usually one niche where the audience don’t usually derive interest in knowing much about the writer.

Most people read news blogs just for the news and 75% of the people who read don’t really have time to for the writer’s name because they have other pending news to read. However, as a lifestyle blogger, reverse is the case.

In the case of lifestyle blogging, people want to know you and be friends with you. This is why many people have failed in one lifestyle sub niche or the other.

In this post, I will be showing you a simple guide that will teach you how to crush whatever niche you are focused on under the lifestyle niche.

As mentioned earlier, the lifestyle niche is a very broad one. It is often advised that you start large and later narrow your niche based on the consistency and how easy you relate well with a particular niche. The result you are getting should also be put in consideration.

When you are starting a blog for the first time, the first thing people will tell you is “follow your passion, don’t blog for money”. LOL!

What a Joke!

What if I love mathematics with all my heart and that is the only thing I love, can I blog mathematics? LOL! Not really.

What i will really advise anyone that wants to start blogging newly is that;

  • Make a lot of research: Know the basic things you need to learn in blogging. Know important things like SEO, content marketing, email list building, monetization techniques and many others.
  • Focus more on writing unique content: This is why I will advise someone not to go into news, politics or entertainment. It is going to be very very very,,,,,extremely tough to beat the likes of lailaisblog, naijaloaded, lindaikeji and many others. However, there are lots of niches where you can still make decent income from blogging…even up to 6 figures monthly from part time blogging.
  • Connect with bloggers: The more you connect, the better your experience. Join blogging groups on facebook, contact bloggers on WhatsApp, usen airaland to know the kind of content people are posting. Just take your time to discuss your ideas and ask for mentorship from a pro blogger. Surely, when you do these things, there are some newbie mistakes you will avoid making and you will also learn important tricks that took time for other people to learn.

Those are some tips I have for you.

Now, as a lifestyle blogger, there are so many ways to monetize your blog but what better way to grow that being a brand?

#Case study#

Adetola Adegbohun, popularly known as Deedee is a lifestyle blogger, photographer and Entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Deedee’s Media hich contains Deedee’s blog (one of the biggest relationship blogs in the world), Mybeardgang (Nigeria’s #! beard care brand)  and the photoblogger (The guy that tells stories through creative images.

Well, a little thing you need to know about Deedee is that he was an accountant and he quit his accounting job few years ago to pursue his career in blogging.

He wrote more than 300 contents in a year. Ea\ch content had an in-depth quality that you could feel his passion as you read. Well, following his passion for writing, he started Deedee’s blog where he documented love quotes, poems, advises and many important things that will help a relationship grow better.

Today, Deedee’s blog has grown to become one of the biggest relationship blogs in the entire universe. This blog has helped him to find another passion in Relationship counselling. He is now a relationship counselor.

Mybeardgang has been able to sell 100’s of beard creams to men across Nigeria because of his branding skills. Mybeardgang is not just a simple a normal blog or ecommerce site where you just make order and get your product delivered to your location. Mybeardgang is a beard care brand that focuses mainly on helping bearded men groom their beards to the best standard.

There are many things about being a lifestyle blogger many people have failed to recognize. For example if you are looking to be famous in the blogosphere, lifestyle blogging is actually a good way to achieve that.

How to make money from lifestyle blogging in Nigeria

The thing about lifestyle blogging is that you can become a millionaire, have your own company, employ workers and live the awesome life or………you could just be blogging 24-7 and earn crap!

It is all your call.

There are so many earning streams as a lifestyle blogger but it really depends on the niche you settle for in the long run. Everyone can go ahead and blog about what their life is really about or do some posts oof other people’s lifestyle.

There are so many sub niches under the lifestyle blogging niche which can earn you a decent amount of money every month, week or even day.

You don’t really need to work you ass off with content and promotion. Sometimes, when you have the money to invest, you don’t need to work at all.

Money may not necessarily answer all things, but it can surely buy you time to do what you like while you pay others to do what you hate. 

– Robert Kiyosaki

Blogging is not about adsense alone. In fact, it is well known that online brands have a better prospect of making more money than unbranded blogs.

Here are some tips we have for you:

#1. Brand Yourself

When a lot of people here the world “branding”, they immediately leap for joy and want to know how to go about it. Everybody wants to be called CEO of something.

The thing is that branding is way expensive than many people post it to be. You must first decide how you want to reach your target audience, get a solid business plan and then decide on how you will execute your strategies in a way that will efficiently give you the result you are seeking.

It really looks like much work, but the truth is that it isn’t. With a team that has your vision and passion, you can start a brand without expecting commission. Which takes us to our next point…

#2. Get an effective TEAM

A lot of people have really underrated the power of a team in the blogosphere, but the truth is that teams make the work easier with better results.

An effective team is one of the most valuable gems of the society. You don’t necessarily need to start paying your team from the start.

The thing is that you don’t really need to start paying your team right away on the first day of the job. In fact, some people will be willing to work for free if they believe in your cause.

So, it is very important to plan out your time and get your short term and long term goals right before finding a team. One mistake you must make while picking a team is picking based on sentiment.

You don;t select your board members because you like them or because they are your friends. You select them based on what they have to offer to you.

When you have a team, you and your team can then discuss and decide on the next few points.

#3. Find a niche

Lifestyle blogging is very broad. If your team is very versatile and consistent, you can work on as many niches as possible. You can have a fashion, travel and celebrities lifestyle niche on one blog.

However, if you don’t know how to find the most lucrative blogging niche, you need to make enough research. With proper keyword research, you can know what your audience wants from you.

Fashion blogging has grown to be one of the most lucrative niches among all the lifestyle niches, as well as cars, travelling and many more.

Many people will say you should find your passion, but the sincere thing is that passion is not everything. With enough research and practice, you can create passion out of something else.

#4. Be consistent

One key trick to being one of the best lifestyle bloggers around is in the consistency. Consistency is one of the biggest problems most bloggers face and it is a hard problem to deal with, especially when you are a student-blogger.

There are other ways you can deal with consistency;

  • Host a giveaway
  • Hire writers
  • Accept guest post

Those are the three ways many people have been able to keep posts on their blogs for so long. You can hold a giveaway asking people to publish posts and the highest viewed post within a specific period will win the giveaway.

You can also hire a content writer to give you the best articles for your blog post.

Accepting guest posts allow many other bloggers in your field to also post on your blog for a link or few links back to their own blog.

#5. Monetize right away

A lot of people have been lost in the fallacy of “passion before money”, but the truth is that it is actually the money that drives the passion in blogging most times.

When you start monetizing your blog right away, you will know exactly the tips to use top make the blog grow better, and the hope of making some cool income one day will be a constant drive to your mentality.

#6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is way better than using adsense to monetize your blog and here is why.

Google adsense has a lot of strict policies that may discourage or lower your earnings. For example, the whole CTR thingy is just so annoying. Many bloggers have to leave their CTR at a maximum of 6%. Meaning google only expects at most 6% of your total page views to visit your blog. If this number increases unnecessarily, you are calling for a quick “no-response message”.

However, when you are an affiliate, all you are waiting for is people to buy a product through your link. There is no click limit. If you ca n get 10% of your 1000 visitors to buy a product every day, you are going to be making some cool income from affiliate marketing.

It is more preferable to go into amazon affiliate marketing than any other one. Amazon is the biggest online shopping store in the world. A large number of people buy products from amazon every single day, even friends from Nigeria always find a way.

You can also create a shopping page for your online store and get more sales. With the aid of woocommerce, you can as well sell affiliate products like your own products on your ecommerce store.

#7. DO SEO

SEO is a very important aspect of blogging. In fact, many people say it is the best way to get organic traffic from your blog and it is pretty difficult to argue against that.

Most lifestyle bloggers don’t have the knowledge of SEO and that is why they fail to reach the right kind of audience.
There are two ways to do SEO on a lifestyle blog. You either learn SEO and apply it on your blog or hire an SEO expert to help you with it.

It may take like three to four months to learn SEO and become half as good as an expert because of the constant changes in algorithms.

There is one thing that has not changed in a few years from any google update and that is CONTENT IS KING. I mean relevant content, though.

Post lengthy and relevant content with well researched keywords on your blog for you to be able to hack the google SEO thingy. Google loves lengthy content of at least 1000 words. If your competition is writing 5000 words, then you know you have to go higher than that and build some important links to that post.

#8. Spend on Instagram ads

Nothing says lifestyle like instagram. Basically, everything about human life is on instagram and you can find your target audience with a good instagram page.

Keep developing related content on your instagram page, you will soon become a great instagram influencer in your niche. You can check our post on how to become a social media influencer.

There are also some amazing instagram tools that can help you build a nice number of loyal followers.

How to start a Lifestyle Blog

Starting a lifestyle blog is almost as easy as creating a gmail account these days. You don’t need any knowledge on coding. A simple knowledge on how the internet works is really all you actually need. Very soon, I am going to show you how to create a lifestyle blog that earns $1000 monthly with a few bucks using WordPress.

For clarity and better understanding, I recommend that you read this post by wpbeginner on how to start a wordpresss blog.

Starting a WordPress blog and lifestyle blog is not entirely the same. Of course, when you know how to staret a WordPress blog, it is a sure thing that you can start a lifestyle blog but there are certain themes and plugins that will help you make more money on a lifestyle blog than most people

These themes and plugins allow you to setup the right kind of experience your audience needs and also helps you sell products better on your blog. SEO is a very important factor for every blogger, but if you have a good social media following, then you can as well make use of your social media platform to get blog audience.

To rank higher, sell better and get more viewers, you really need the Trendzmedia lifestyle pack. This lifestyle pack is a combination of premium themes, plugins and content ideas that will help you to not only rank on google front page, but also create a top notch website.

What is the Trendzmedia lifestyle pack about?

This is a full pack of the best premium themes and plugins that will work well in helping you rank on google and making sales on your lifestyle blog. Please note that these are not nulled themes and they have been handpicked by our team as the best themes that can help you as a lifestyle blogger.

Some of the themes in this pack include:

  1. Newspaper  (Save $59) – View Demo
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Plugins available in this pack are

  1. Yoast premium seo (Save $89)
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  4. Wp rocket (save $49 annually)

How much does this lifestyle pack cost?

You see that is the cool thing about this pack. We are giving it out as a black Friday gift for just N4999 instead of N15,000. Save $500 (N180,000) on this pack between now and December 1st. You get all these premium themes at a slashed discount in the spirit of black Friday. Apart from that, we are also offering you a bonus material that will help your blog grow on google front page.

Guess what it is?

100 free keywords that will help you rank in your desired country. These keywords are based on research from ahrefs. They are easy to rank keyword suggestions on any niche you want. we help you make enough research to rank front page.