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Reshaping Nigerian Businesses 

TrendzMedia is aimed at reshaping Small Nigerian businesses and turning things around for the owners. We want to help you reach a global audience, help you sell both Nationwide and world wide. With the aid of God, the internet, and our exceptional team, we can achieve all things.

Our Team has been selected based on skill, professionalism and discipline. We offer you the best result at the most affordable price possible. We will reshape, reform and recycle your business. We are Trendz, let’s make your business Trend!!!


UX Research

We make research on what your audience love and what they hate.

Brand Identity

Our perfect marketing gives your brand a solid identity all over Nigeria.

Web Development

Let our developers create a stunning website for your business to be regonized.

Business Strategy

We draft you the perfect business strategy to compete effectively in the market.


Press Release

Reach a large audience with our PR team, grow and mainatin your reputation.


Tell creative stories with perfect product pictures. Nothing beats creativity.

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Fearless Leaeders

Our amazing team of vibrant and skillful minds.

Dada Eniola Israel

Dada Eniola Israel

CEO/Head editor

Christina Foster

Christina Foster

Creative Director

Jason Wardak

Jason Wardak

Visual Media

our Work

Here s a display of some of our most recent jobs completed.

Time to make your business Trend

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